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Jacob Perez is a 26 year old man who used to live in the orphanage for mentally disturbed kids in Seattle, Washington called the “Madhouse”. Now on his own, he decides to relive his past and avenge himself by killing everyone who bullied him, and everyone who didn’t do a thing to help him. This short story gives you an inside view of Jacob’s mind and how he manages to get away with murdering his bullies. He’s not as stupid as everyone thought he was…


But I hope u guys realize that this wouldn’t happen if Roc didn’t post the video right….




MB going downhill, bruh.
As days go by, they’re becoming more irrelevant.
The shit they doing via nudes, social network drama, fighting…
What Roc did is SERIOUSLY a bad look on his parents, management & group.
Niggas like him is why youth have a bad name. Plus, he suppose to be a role model?…


I haven’t met MB yet and tbh I don’t even want to anymore. I lost dead respect. Their careers are dead now.

I completely forgot that Desiree was pregnant



I completely forgot about Desiree…

she irrelevant

^^^^ Preach

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